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Is Pennsylvania Ready for Automatic, Universal Voter Registration?

March 31, 2015News ClipState Senator Vincent Hughes’ upcoming legislation would register all citizens when they sign up for a state benefit, service or license.

State Sen. Vincent Hughes traveled to Selma, Alabama this past weekend to commemorate the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement in which police brutally beat non-violent activists. The events led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act.

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Sen. Vincent Hughes on the booze fight, the budget effect and why he’s not worried about Pat Toomey (Q&A)

March 6, 2015News Clip

Philadelphia state Sen. Vincent Hughes is one of the most dynamic members of the state Senate. The nearly 20-year veteran of the Pennsylvania General Assembly holds fiscal power as the Democratic chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, and maybe more importantly, his Twitter game is on point.

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Wolf to repeal Healthy PA

February 15, 2015News Clip

Gov. Tom Wolf kept a major campaign promise this week and has started the process of repealing Healthy PA and instead accepting federally–funded Medicaid expansion in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.

Healthy PA was former Gov. Tom Corbett’s healthcare reform plan, one in which many critics derided for causing clients to lose coverage and for installing certain asset checks and other obstacles.

Wold said the state will now transition to a simpler Medicaid expansion plan, and labeled the efforts as “the first step toward” simplifying a complicated process.

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Some Pa. State Officials Push To Tax Marcellus Shale Drilling In Effort To Raise Money For Public Schools

February 12, 2015News Clip

There’s been un-taxed Marcellus Shale drilling in Pennsylvania for the last few years, but now some state officials want to change that.

Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes and a number of his colleagues want to put an eight percent tax on Marcellus Shale extraction in the commonwealth.

“To have one of the wealthiest industries in the world get off scot free without paying their fair share and allowing the children to suffer the most is unacceptable,” said State Senator Hughes.

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IN CONVERSATION WITH … State Sen. Hughes happy to embrace Upper Dublin

February 4, 2015News Clip

The welcome to Upper Dublin Township may not have been what one might have hoped for — getting stung by a bee while touring the Fort Washington Office Park — but state Sen. Vincent Hughes seems eager to pull the township into the fold of his 7th Senatorial District.


“I love Upper Dublin,” the 58-year-old Democrat said recently. “I’ve been there a lot. I started meeting people when the court approved the [redistricting] lines.”


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Debate swirls on natural gas extraction tax in Pa.

February 4, 2015News Clip

State lawmakers from Delaware County agree that a natural gas extraction tax is a needed economic initiative that would take Pennsylvania off the map as the only state without the severance tax. However, opinions on the details behind the tax proposal vary.

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Renewed push for federally-funded Medicaid expansion

January 16, 2015News Clip

For the last three years, state Senate Democrats have pushed for the state to accept federally–funded Medicaid expansion — a maneuver, state Sen. Vincent Hughes said would save the state nearly $400 million while providing coverage for up to 500,000 uninsured Pennsylvanians.

Hughes trumpeted that point again on Thursday during a news conference at Philadelphia City Hall. His remarks preceded the inauguration of Democrat Tom Wolf next week as the state’s next governor.

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